Let Cockroach Survive Outdoor and Not Indoor

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Published: 25th October 2012
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Why not show a little kindness to a cockroach? In an earlier study, researchers used computer simulations to show that, even with their tiny brains, insects have enough neural circuits to possess consciousness, and they may even be able to count.

Kindness and compassion to animals should extend to those we refer to as ‘pests'. So many animals are labeled ‘pests' these days; from insects and rodents that invade our homes. After all just because you have compassion for the animals, doesn't mean you want to give your home over to them!

Prevention is better than cure. Keep a clean house and make sure food is sealed away. Do any big cleaning jobs you have been putting off.

Make your house inhospitable to roaches. Inside, store food in insect-proof containers, keep garbage and trash in containers with tight-fitting lids, clean cabinets frequently (especially the one under your sink) , remove trash and recycling regularly, and eliminate plumbing leaks.

Don't provide roaches with food. Wash dishes promptly, store food in tightly sealed containers, and keep trash in bins with tight-fitting lids. Remove roaches' hiding places. Keep compost heaps as far from your house as possible, always wash out food containers before storing them for recycling, and don't let old newspapers pile up. Prevent roaches from entering your home by sealing up holes and cracks. Baby roaches can squeeze into a space as thin as a dime. Be sure to fix any leaking taps and wipe up the sink after use. Cockroaches are always on the look out for water. Keep doors and windows well sealed with caulk so that access isn't as easy for the crawly critters. Sprinkle bay leaves, cucumber, catnip and garlic around your home, in places that you have spotted cockroaches before. Cockroaches hate these things! Drop some citronella, teatree, peppermint and lemongrass essential oils on some cotton wool balls and leave in the back of cupboards and drawers.

Make your own traps. All you need is a quart-sized can, some petroleum jelly, and a slice of white bread. Coat the top third of the inside of the can with the petroleum jelly and place the bread inside the can as bait. Place your traps anywhere you've found roach hideouts, as well as behind the refrigerator and in kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Once the roaches are in the can, they won't be able to climb out because the petroleum jelly is too slick. You can kill the trapped cockroaches with hot, soapy water.

Make a humane trap to allow you to remove any cockroaches left in your house. Tape some newspaper to the outside of a glass jar, smearing Vaseline along the inside of the lip of the jar, and placing food (fruits, bread, vegetables) inside. You will find that the roaches who climb into the jar are unable to climb back out through the Vaseline, and you can release them outside.

Mix boric acid with flour and sugar and make small pellets. Place them in places where roaches have been sighted but make sure there is water near there because boric acid mixed with water is lethal. When the roaches ingest these pellets, they die because the boric acid attacks the nervous system and paralysis the roach by burning its insides like an acid. The roach cannot move and finally dies. This is a non toxic way of killing many roaches in your house. You can also put boric acid directly on cracks and crevices where you see cockroaches. Boric acid is considered safe near food and food preparation area

Keep new roaches out. Roaches can get into your house through cracks as small as 1/16 of an inch. Common entry points are small cracks in the wall and space around pipes. Seal all cracks and spaces to prevent a new team of roaches from moving in.

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